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Erste Staffel der Qualifizierungsreihe #Jugendhilfedigital mit der AGE Arbeitsgemeinschaft…

Mit Präsentationen der von den Teilnehmenden erarbeiten Projekte fand die erste Staffel der Qualifizierungsreihe #Jugendhilfedigital, die HeurekaNet…


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Youth Work Mobile 2.0 - Train (YOWOMO2.0-Train)

Situations- und Problembeschreibung:

The digital world increasingly forms young people’s natural habitat (cf. EU Kids Online, Net Children Go Mobile). Especially smart mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) are used for entertainment (music; games; TV; voice, mail, or messenger services communication; web surfing; social networking; photo; video). But the importance of mobile devices manifests itself also in the use of smartphones for identity formation, social interaction, and making meaning in and of the world. Especially young people use mobile devices as their main Internet access, and use social media (e.g. Facebook), which is most relevant in case of young people. There is a danger that the development in technology in everyday life can divide youth workers and their young clients depending on how familiar each group is with the use of mobile devices. This is often discussed in terms of “digital natives vs. digital immigrants”, “Generation X, Y & Z”, “digital divide“, “generation gap“, or using “Sinus-Milieus”. Youth workers are usually not tech-savvy (digital immigrants, Generation X or Y) whilst young people are often early adopters of new technologies (digital natives, Generation Y or Z). Hence there are different levels of expertise to be expected in the use of mobile devices and social media.

Zielgruppe und Ziel/ Auftrag:

Main target group are both youth workers and their trainers. Education and training for both will be developed to acquire competence and make use of up to date digital technology. This will enable professional youth work to become a player in the digitalisation of Europe increasing digital inclusion, community cohesion, digital citizenship, youth participation, while decreasing informational poverty among young people.


The core idea of YOWOMO2.0-Train is to get youth work in shape for the 21st century. YOWOMO2.0-Train builds on the results of the European research projects “EU Kids Online” and “Net Children Go Mobile”. Their results indicate that both the training of youth workers and their professional practice are challenged by the growing significance of smartphones and social media in young people’s lives. Internet use is increasingly mobile with more children accessing the internet in the privacy of their bedroom and when out and about. Although children do more online, most do still not climb far up “the ladder of opportunities”. The knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for professional youth work facing these challenges are described in the Youth Work Mobile 2.0 (YOWOMO2.0) competence framework, which is the outcome of a former European partnership. Building on this framework YOWOMO2.0-Train will now be the first project to be sustainable and to implement the YOWOMO2.0-competences for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media in youth work education and training. Representing the diversity of both practice and training of youth workers in Europe this will be done by applying the competence framework suitable in Higher Education, in Vocational Education and Training, and in Continuing Vocational Education and Training in various European contexts.


YOWOMO2.0-Train is an inititiative of HeurekaNet - Freies Institut für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation e.V. and will be realised by nine organisations from seven contries in Europe (Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey, UK).




Seven countries in Europe


YoWoMo 2.0 - Train is funded in the Erasmus+ programme.